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Our Parents' Voices

When our daughter was old enough for kindergarten, we thought she wasn't yet ready for the public school environment, so we enrolled her in Community School with a plan to put her in public school as soon as the year was over. Four years later, she is now finishing her third (and, regrettably, final) year at Community School. Having her in Community School is the best decision we've ever made as parents.

Community School has provided an ideal learning environment. The student-teacher ratio is low. The beautiful yard allows for play and exploration within safe limits. The Montessori approach means learning comes through discovery and expectations are developmentally appropriate. No matter how wonderful the student-teacher ratio, the playground and the method, it's the staff that determines the excellence of a school and the staff at Community School is unbelievably wonderful. They are, without exception, kind, intelligent and conscientious.

What this has meant for my daughter is that she has a strong foundation for her future. She is introspective and confident. She is passionate about learning. Her ability to solve interpersonal problems is stronger than that of most adults. As a public school teacher (who has taught both middle and elementary), I know she is many years advanced of her public school peers.

If I had my druthers, public schools would be run like Community School. I could not recommend the school or the staff of Community School more highly.


The staff at Community School has taken the basic Montessori beliefs and woven them into a student-centered curriculum that emphasizes self-reliance, responsibility for their actions, and a commitment to and a passion for learning. Throughout the students' experience they are becoming aware of their part in the bigger world in which they live. What more could a parent--or grandparent--want for their children? The safe and supportive environment has been a perfect place for my grandchildren to build a strong academic foundation and to develop the life skills that they will need for what lies ahead. I will forever be grateful for all that Community School has provided.


To say that we love Community School may be the understatement of all time. Our youngest son (who is now 28) attended the school the first year that it opened and we did not even consider anything else for our granddaughter (now 6) when she came of age to first attend. We love everything about the school, from the basic philosophy to the way we see that philosophy carried out daily as each of the teachers interacts with the children. Learning takes place constantly and always in an atmosphere of openness and excitement. Our child learned and our grandchild is learning, just how joyous the learning process can be. Our youngest son has recently moved back to Denton and picked our granddaughter up from school one day last fall. He told us that while walking around the school for the first time in so many years he realized that he really learned more about science at Community School than he learned in any science class he took in high school or college.

There is so much respect shown to each child and they learn by example to show respect to one another. They are taught to problem solve and to use critical thinking skills and to be kind and considerate to one another and to the world in which they live. We are convinced that if each and every child in the world could start out in a school just like Community School, our world would be environmentally safe and free from all of the violence and hate and greed that now exists.


Our thoughts on Community School: It is awesome, a perfect place for kids to learn and know important information about daily activities. We are very impressed with our son's education progress, and his ability to understand and interpret what he learns. He feels very comfortable and confident in dealing with his teachers and friends. He is always enthusiastic in talking about every activity he does in the school. A safe and supportive learning atmosphere for every kid is among the factors that instill in them respect for others and taking responsibility for their actions. Denton Community School is a home away from home. As parents, we are very satisfied with the school's activities. It is exciting to know each student's parents which make us feel that the whole school is one big family. The occasional Family Fun Event and other family gatherings adds extra flavor establishing the strong bond between the parents and the school.

Again to make a statement about the school in one sentence: "It is the best."


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