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Admissions Information

We take applications all year long for entry into the classes, if we have an opening for a new student or for our waiting list. Students must be three years old and potty trained.

There is a reservation/materials fee of $190, paid by all families each year; upon payment we reserve a place in the class for your child for the next school year or for the semester you are enrolling.

This can also be paid in 2 segments when waiting for openings in the classes:

  1. $30 waiting fee (puts your child on our waiting list), if your child is too young or if no opening for or
  2. A balance of $160 is paid upon acceptance or opening in a class
The yearly tuition for 2016-17 is $6250 and is paid in ten monthly payments of $625. Also available is 1/2 semester payments with a $100 discount.

Community School makes every effort to keep our tuition competitive with other private schools in the area. We ask for a non-refundable materials-reservation fee of $190 to be paid at the time of application for each child and in the month of March every year the child is attending our school. This fee reserves a place for your child.

Operating a school is a costly venture and we too have financial obligations to meet each month. We appreciate tuition payments made by the first business day of the month and expect to receive it no later than the fifth day of the month. If something should prevent payment by the fifth of any month, please let the Director know of the problem and plans for payment. We will make every effort to accommodate the needs of each child and family in order to work out any difficulties that might arise regarding tuition payment.

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