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Our History

Community School was founded in 1991 by three montessori teachers, who wanted to establish a school in a home style environment. In this prepared environment as in the classroom, they wanted teachers/staff and children to be nurtured and have a love for learning together.

The house/school building has lots of natural light from large windows and a spacious backyard where students can experience nature and ample area for playground equipment. We are able to enjoy the outdoors during playtime and also enjoy eating lunches outdoors.

To quote one of our former 9 yr. old students,

"I leave my home, my parents drive me to school. And when I walk into the kitchen at Community School I know I'm home again."

The Mission of Community School

Each school has its own personality. We at Community School want ours to be dynamic, evolving entity that reflects the hearts and minds of all of us. Our evolution is based on believing in and living our commitments:
  1. Make the children our first priority
  2. Help children attain a positive self-image
  3. Show our love for children with appropriate verbal tones, facial expressions and hugs
  4. Teach children to participate in conflict resolution and conferencing, which can be applied at school and at home
  5. Show how to participate in conflict resolution and conferencing, which can be applied at school and at home
  6. Have an open door policy where parents are welcomed
  7. Provide a home like atmosphere
  8. Promote cooperation between staff and parents
  9. Support each other and parents through our positive attitude
  10. Express willingness to meet each other's needs
We want to have these expectations of Community School, but also for you to have appropriate expectations for your child. We, as teachers, understand we must have a broad path for each child to travel during his or her early years. We have witnessed over and over that every child will stop and linger at different places along this learning path according to his or her needs and interests. Our job will be to see there is always something interesting ahead, and to beckon your child to new adventures. Lifelong learning' strongest roots are built during these tender years.


Community School is a Montessori environment. We have a Primary class with 3-6 year old students and an Elementary class with 6-9 year old students. This multi-age classroom setting creates a family setting for younger and older child to interact. We currently offer a group music class once a week. Spanish class is offered twice a week with songs, typical vocabulary, Spanish literature, and dialoging.

This Montessori environment consists of five areas:

  • Practical life--with mixing, pouring, sorting, folding, washing, cutting and serving.
  • Sensorial--with touching, seeing, tasting, hearing and smell related classroom materials.
  • Language--with a phonetic approach and a classroom environment labeled to encourage literacy.
  • Math--with materials that encourage children to concretely experience quantity.
  • Social Studies--taking the child's interests and curiosity about the world around them.
Here is an on-line video that describes some unique aspects of Montessori education.


Throughout the whole year we have activities for parents and students.

The school year starts with a swimming party for new and returning students and their parents.

Open house is a time for parents to visit the school in the evening to meet the teachers and for students to show their school work to their families.

Lunch with grandparents is an occasion for grandparents to visit the school and have a meal with in the shady backyard.

Butterfly Parade is an annual Halloween celebration. The tradition Community School has is the primary classes make butterfly wings to parade in around the play ground. The elementary make masks to join in the parade. Volunteers help to decorate the jungle gym as a bat cave, make a fruit salad with jello, make punch and serve food and eat with us and enjoy the parade. Everyone is welcome for all or part of the party.

Stone Soup- Each year around Thanksgiving we have our annual Stone Soup Celebration. Students bring ingredients for the soup and read the book Stone Soup. Afterwards all are invited to enjoy the meal and give thanks.

St. Jude's Trike-A-Thon- Each year we participate in the St. Jude's Trike-A-Thon to help raise money for the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Student's will gather family and friend sponsors to help raise money for this event. It is an all week event where they learn about bike safety and student's celebrate at the end of the week by bringing their bikes to school to ride. It is a wonderful way to teach children about giving back to the community.

Easter Egg Hunt- Around Easter we have an Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard. The elementary kids hide eggs for the primary kids to find and the primary kids hide eggs for the elementary kids to find. It's always fun for the kids and they get to keep what they find!

Elementary Graduation and Sleepover- At the end of the school year, the third years or other elementary students leaving to go to new schools have a graduation ceremony where they can give a speech and celebrate the next step in their journey. After the ceremony all elementary students are invited to stay for the sleep over where they get to eat, have fun, and even perform in the talent show.

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